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About Us

SolutekniK Systeme is a Pune based firm offering solutions to industrial and automotive customers. We have three different product verticals, including filtration, flow measurement, and gas detection.


We offer filtration solutions for liquid and air applications. In liquids, we can take care of viscous, polymers, chemicals, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, process liquids, and air filtration for a clean and healthier environment.

Flow Measurement

We offer ultrasonic flow meters for liquids like water, STP / ETP water, chemicals, oil and gases for various industrial applications.

Gas Detection

We offer portable and fixed type gas detectors for various hazardous and non-hazardous gases. We have single and multiple gas detectors. We are PESO approved and can offer flame proof models.

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Our Success

As a leader in the industry, SolutekniK Systeme has been able to continually fulfill the needs of our customers, which has resulted in high customer satisfaction and repeat product orders. 

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