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Liquid Filter Product Line


Pressure Filters

Designed for use as a full or partial flow filter and for low pressure up to 25/60 bar, medium pressure up to 210 bar and high pressure up to 450 bar, Filtration Group pressure filters are precisely tailored to the requirements of the application as line filters, flange filters and filters in sandwich plate design. Robust housings, flow optimized design and a comprehensive accessory program always offer the right solution for all market requirements.

Pressure Filters.jpg

Duplex Filters

Duplex filters allow a filter change during live operation and are thus suitable for use in motors and drives that have to reliably run continuously. Thanks to the compact design, duplex filters require little space and have a low flow resistance. Flow rate from 40 lpm to 8000 lpm with nominal pressure from 10 bar to 63 bar

Duplex Filter.jpg

Suction Filters

Whether installed in front of the pump or, for greater maintenance-friendliness, installed with maintenance indicator in the suction line for easy access from outside, they protect the pump from course impurities. With a wide range of system-compatible elements, the protection of systems and pumps in the fine range of 10 – 25 μm can be guaranteed with our MIC medias or in the coarse range with cleanable wire mesh. Flow rate range from 10 LPM to 630 LPM.

Suction and Return Filters.jpg

Return Filters

The combination of a suction filter and a return filter improves the energy balance compared to a separate system. With the integrated preloaded valve, the pressure in the return line is not reduced, but rather is directly used for suction.

Suction and Return Filters Mk2.jpg

Return Line Filters

The combination of a suction filter and a return line filter improves the energy balance compared to a separate system. With the integrated preloaded valve, the pressure in the return line is not reduced, but rather is directly used for suction.

Return Line Filters.jpg


Corrosion and impact-resistance breather filters are used for impurity-free air supply of tanks. A large selection of system-compatible, changeable filter elements secures the required compatibility with the filter fineness of the hydraulic filters.


Filter Modules

For gear oil filtration (primary and bypass flow) and for lubrication systems in wind turbines, Filtration Group has developed an innovative, compact oil filter module that increases and sustains the efficiency and service life of the hydraulic and transmission units. The system consists of a filter block with electric motor, gear pump, filter housing with highly efficient 2-stage filter element, pressure relief valve, non-return valve and maintenance indicator. It is available in two versions with 110 l/min and 220 l/min volumetric flow. As a complete system in conjunction with an oil cooler, the oil filter module Pi 8300 ensures optimal filtration and cooling of wind power gearboxes and enables low-wear and maintenance-friendly operation.

Filter Module.jpg


Indicators help optimize the monitoring and maintenance of filtration process.


Filter Carts

The high-performance devices for mobile and stationary bypass filtration in hydraulic and lubrication systems guarantee compliance with pre-defined purity classes when using suitable filter elements and can also be used with high-viscosity media. A robust, dirt-sensitive pump ensures a long service life and a wide application spectrum. When pumping into systems and containers, transferring tank contents or unloading system filters during commissioning or after repairs, mobile Filtration Group filter units are an attractive option because of their service-friendly handling and very high dirt collection capacity. Flow rate from 15 LPM to 100 LPM

Filter Carts.jpg


These are specially designed for removing water from hydraulic systems. They run cost-effectively and easily without absorbents: Specially configured filter media collect the small water droplets suspended in the fluid and separate them.


Spin-on Cartridges

Spin-on cartridge filters help optimize the efficiency of the oil filtration process.

Spinon Cartridge.jpg

Filter Elements

The filter element performs the actual filtration and/or dewatering function in the housing. They consist of several pleated filtration and support layers. Their placement is a cylinder around or inside the stabilizing support tube.

Filter Elements.jpg

High End Filter Elements

Inquire about our premium filter element options to learn about the added benefits they can bring to your specific project.

High End FIlter Elements.jpg

Back Flushing Filters

In industrial facilities of today it is essential that the production is safe and conserves resources from the very start. An ecologically and economically sensible filtration of drinking, process and waste water is therefore an important component of the respective industrial process. The products of Filtration Group stand as innovations of development and reliably deliver results to industry in drinking-, process- and wastewater. Available in screw and flange end connections

Back Brushing Filters.jpg

Metal Edge Filters

In the filtration and homogenization of low- and high-viscosity fluids, as well as pastes, Filtration Group automatic metal-edge filters offer universal application possibilities. The compact inline filter systems can be outfitted with semi- or fully automatic cleaning. The cleaning process is realized through the rotation of the filter element against a spring actuated scraper. Available in screw and flange end connections

Metal Edge Filter.jpg


Strainers offer perfect protection against large particles; cost effective in protection of tubes, treatment and conservation of fluids. Our delivery program includes simplex, duplex strainers, as well as special designs that are configured for specific filtration applications. Cleanable metal filter elements guarantee the simplest cleaning and ease of use with a long service life. Available in Simplex and Duplex design


Flowguard Microbial Control Units

FG FlowGuardSM is a compact, connection-ready bypass filtrationg module consisting of circulating pump, pre-filter, maintenance cartridges and an integrated control unit. It can be easily installed on existing cooling lubricant tanks. With its newly developed and innovative treatment process, it reliably protects people and equipment, reducing service and maintenance costs.

Flowguard Microbial Control Unit.jpg

Oil Water Separator MESBs

The oil-water separator does important work, especially in industry, with the washing bath treatment, the treatment of industrial wastewater, industrial parts cleaning and process water treatment. It is robust, has a compact housing and is highly effective in single-stage separation under pressure. In power plants, the MESB is also used in the treatment of process and surface water. Flow range from 1 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr

Oil Water Separator MESB.jpg

Non Pressurized MESBs

Inquire about the non-pressurized variant of our MESBs to learn about the benefits they can bring to your specific project.

Non Pressurised MESB.jpg

Multi Stage Deoilers

Multi-phase separation and mechanical emulsion and foam breakers in this deoiler model are divided in two pressure vessels. The separation rate of 5 ppm residual oil content in the bilge water meets the requirements in National Special Areas and Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas, as well as the “Green Ship” and “Green Harbour” limit values. Available range from 0.5 m3/hr to 10 m3/hr

Multi Stage Deoiler.jpg

Bilge Protectors

The BilgeProtect combines proven technology with innovative technology: An integrated control system indicates maintenance intervals, among other information, signals malfunctions and saves measurement data. Upon request, the BilgeProtect is also available with a remote monitoring system in single stage and two stage. Range from 5 m3/hr to 10 m3/hr

Bilge Protector.jpg

Bilge Water Separators

Efficient Bilge Water Separators

Bilge Water Separator.jpg

Two Stage Oil Treatment

This two-stage unit filters the fuel as FTS or the oil as OTS before the water separation in the coalescer elements, which increases the performance and service life of the equipment in case of contamination with larger solid particles. The efficiency of the filters in the first stage can be individually adapted to the medium and requirements. There are potential applications in shipping, industry and in power plants.  Fuel treatment range from 5 LPM to 32 LPM and Oil treatment from 600 LPH to 4500 LPH

Two Stage Oil Treatment.jpg

Multi Stage Oil Treatment

Inquire about our more advanced, multi stage oil treatment system to learn about the added benefits it can bring to your specific project.

Multi Stage Oil Treatment.jpg

Fuel Water Separators

The efficient fuel treatment system prevents concentrations of free water from rising above 70 ppm. It thus acts as an effective protection against the “diesel oil pest”. The single-stage system is used primarily in shipping, preventing engine damage and system failure. Because of its compact design, it takes up little space in the engine room of a ship. In the version as OFWA, the system is also used e.g. for dewatering hydraulic oils. Range for Fuel 670 LPH to 8000 LPH and Oil 5 LPH to 16 LPH

Fuel Water Separator.jpg


PTS/OTS is equipped with additional separator membranes in addition to the coalescer elements. These membranes prevent even the finest water droplets from escaping, which means that the fuel or oil is perfectly clean when it comes out. The system is well suited for protection of gas turbines in power plants and for fuel treatment on emergency power units. The PTS is individually configured for the particular requirements. Filtration Group delivers OTS standard sizes with a flow capacity from 300 to 2000 l/h. Other sizes are available upon request.

PTS: OTS.jpg

Crude Oil Dewatering

The system is the last word in raw oil deoiling. The system combines multi-phase separation, mechanical emulsion and foam breaker (MESB) and membrane filtration in one system and reduces the residual water content to less than 0.1%. The CWD / OTS is primarily used in the oil and gas industry and is individually adapted to the medium and the required purity level. The flow capacity reaches from 10 m3 to 100 m3 per hour. The system can optionally be run in fully automatic mode. Available from 10 m3/hr to 100 m3/hr

Crude Oil Dewatering.jpg
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